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Virginia Wade

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. ❤ Writer of erotica and erotic romance. Not afraid to be shameless…

Virginia Wade is an erotica and erotic romance bestselling author.
She is best known for her Monster Sex series, the Cum For Bigfoot saga, but she has also written stories about lusty Vikings in Cum For The Viking, parts 1-5, and a modern, naughty retelling of Jane Austen’s most popular novels. In Bred by the Alien, she explored sex in outer space, and in Conquest of the Gladiator, she transported readers to ancient Rome.

Cum For Bigfoot is essentially a series of stories spanning several years in the lives of a tribe of Bigfoots and their human lovers, based on an idea to write a campy teen horror-fest with a Sasquatch protagonist. The silliness, romance, and sex appealed to readers, who enjoyed Porsche, Shelly, and Leslie’s exploits, while the kidnapped teenagers grew to love their hairy abductors.
The fourteenth installment of the series has been released, with more to come.

She is a mother of two and a wife, and after her oldest child graduated from high school, she realized a lifelong dream of writing and publishing.

Although previous attempts at self-publishing resulted in few sales, the experience and knowledge gained were invaluable.

With the publication of Seducing Jennifer, which has since been renamed Jennifer’s Anal Seduction, she dipped her toes into the world of erotica, and the story found a home in the Erotica Top 100.
Stacy and the Boys, her second story, also shot to the top of the charts, proving that writing in this genre was not only enjoyable but also profitable.

“I got into erotica because I wanted to make money,” Virginia Wade says. “The irony is that it’s really hard to make money in erotica nowadays.”

But that isn’t the only irony.

The author had already decided to put Bigfoot on the back burner by last summer.

“I think I went about as far as the Bigfoot series could go,” she says.
In addition to the sixteen Cum For Bigfoot installments (roughly three novels), there was a Cum for the Invisible Man series, a Cum for the Viking series, and a slew of other tales.

So she created a new pen name and went back to the genre she’d tried before: historical romances.

This time, however, she was much more knowledgeable about money and storytelling.

“It was a big risk,” she recalls, “because it could’ve bombed.”
“In one month, I came up with a new pen name, a new series with shiny happy covers, and wrote around 130,000 words.
That’s the beauty of this industry: you can easily reinvent yourself.
I went from being a scumbag to being a nun.”