The Monster Sex Series

“Leading the paranormal pack is, without a doubt, America’s most famous monster. You know the one: He’s tall, hairy, lives in the woods, and has really big feet. And you know what they say… some of the horror-driven highlights in Virginia Wade’s highly successful Cum For Bigfoot series”
– Nick Redfern, Penthouse Magazine, October 2012

Thr first fifteen books of the Cum For Bigfoot, Monster Sex Series are also bundled together in The Moan for Bigfoot Anthology.

The first ten books of the Cum for Bigfoot, Monster Sex Series are available in paperback. Books 11 thru 15 should be released in paperback in time for Christmas gifting to your favorite Bigfoot lover! Also, this page is live thanks to TheToy.

The first two books of the Cum for Bigfoot, Monster Sex Series are available as audiobooks.

As featured in the October 2012 issue of Penthouse Magazine!

Book 1 of The Monster Sex Series

If you go into the woods today….

On a weeklong outing in Mt. Hood National Forest, what begins as a flirty, fun-filled trip soon turns into a nightmare, when an ape-like creature kidnaps a group of young women with the purpose of procreating with them.

This story contains oral sex, fingering, penetration with a large object, and and ménage à trois. All characters are 18 and above. Adult 18+

Book 2 of The Monster Sex Series

A foiled escape…

Kidnapped by horny, ape-like creatures in Mt. Hood National Forest, Porsche, Shelly, and Leslie find themselves in a lusty situation, as a tribe of Bigfoots use their willing, nubile bodies to satisfy their monster cocks. This story contains oral sex, anal sex, double penetration, rimming, spanking, penetration with a large object, threesomes, and an orgy. All characters are 18 and above. Adult 18+

Cum For Bigfoot 3

Poor Porsche. How can she leave all of this behind and return to civilization? When she’s in the arms of her Bigfoot, warm and snuggly in his matted fur, the only thoughts going through her mind are of utter bliss. But…the new day dawns and reality has a way of creeping in and shattering the growing love between an ape and its mate.

Cum For Bigfoot 4

Book Four of The Monster Sex Series

Lovers torn apart…

Fleeing deeper into the woods, Porsche and Shelly are reunited with Leslie and the rest of the Bigfoot tribe. Their orgy-filled reunion is short-lived, and the lovers are savagely separated, leaving Porsche devastated and…pregnant. She’s missing Leonard, whose monster cock she craves and whose fur keeps her nice and warm at night. This can’t be the end, can it?

Prepare yourself for threesomes, orgies, anal sex, double penetration, forced consent, oral sex, rimming, and lusty nights by the campfire. All characters are eighteen and above.

Cum For Bigfoot 5: Baby

Book 5 of The Monster Sex Series

Torn between two lovers…

After returning from a trip home, Porsche is reunited with Leonard, but finds herself in Dale’s sticky paws, as he drags her into the forest to have his way with her. The alpha males fight over the blonde beauty, yet declare a truce long enough for her to give birth to a “little” Leonard.

Cum For Bigfoot 6

Book 6 of The Monster Sex Series

Back by popular demand! More lusty Bigfoot action!

It’s two years later, and Porsche and Leslie have furry toddlers to contend with, while their Sasquatch lovers enjoy their lush breasts, which squirt profusely with milk. The tribe is on the move to a northern hunting ground, yet an unseen threat wants Porsche, and the gorgeous blonde finds herself in a precarious situation.

Cum For Bigfoot 7

After Leonard goes missing, Porsche contacts Dr. Haynes in a desperate bid to find her Sasquatch lover. The scientists arrive, with a handsome forest ranger named Mike, and sparks fly, as Porsche feels the pull of attraction towards the sexy newcomer. But danger lurks in the wilderness, and after an exhaustive search, the truth of what happened to Leonard is revealed.

Cum For Bigfoot 8

A small team of doctors and a pretty nurse named Ashley arrive to tend to Leonard’s brain injury. While her lover recuperates, Porsche finds herself drawn to the sexy forest ranger, Mike, enjoying his intimate attentions in a nearby hot spring. The horny Sasquatches take advantage of Ashley, as her feeble protests turn into moans of pleasure that echo through the forest.

Cum For Bigfoot 9

Lovers will reunite…someone will die…and a shocking discovery will be made…

In the life of every Sasquatch, there are challenges and obstacles that must be navigated. Leonard and Porsche are at a crossroads, and the future looks bleak. Stung by Porsche’s betrayal, the stoic ape must decide if he can forgive her, but a new threat presents itself, in a fire of mammoth proportion.

Cum For Bigfoot 10

After a reconciliatory orgy, the tribe is surprised to discover the existence of a female Sasquatch. The newcomer has the potential to throw the balance of the group into chaos or, worse, breakup star-crossed lovers. Will Leonard leave Porsche for the ape of his dreams, or are her fears for naught? Mike proposes to the blonde beauty, and she ponders the future, torn between her love for Leonard and the handsome forest ranger, who has stolen her heart.

Changes are on the horizon, with danger and surprises along the way. Look for these in “Cum For Bigfoot 11”.

Cum For Bigfoot 11

While visiting her older sister, Porsche, Lena Dellessops is kidnapped by a Bigfoot, who breaks into the house and snatches her, throwing her over his shoulder. She’s hardly able to gather her wits before the lusty beast seduces her, first with his talented tongue…and then his twelve-inch shaft. Lena meets the other Sasquatches and their mates, but trouble arrives, throwing the tribe into a war they did not ask for.

Cum For Bigfoot 12

In the wake of a shocking attack by Bigfoot hunters, the tribe is plunged into chaos, and, when the dust settles, Leslie discovers her Sasquatch baby has been stolen! A continuing threat forces the group to separate, and Lena finds herself with Leonard in an ancient cave. The unexpected oasis allows her to explore her growing attraction to the stoic ape, as their forbidden bond deepens.

Cum For Bigfoot 13

Danger in paradise…

After seeking shelter in a tropical-like cave, Lena finds herself in Leonard’s clutches, as the lusty Sasquatch seduces Porsche’s sister, sharing her with Archie in pleasurable threesomes. Ruthless Bigfoot hunters shatter their peace, but they might have underestimated the apes, as a bloodbath ensues.

Cum For Bigfoot 14

It’s six months later and the tribe is on the move, but tragedy strikes and a major character suffers a fatal blow. Reeling from the incident, Leslie is confronted with the reality of being alone, yet, as a nearby tribe arrives for the funeral, she meets a lanky Sasquatch named Harry, who just might be the perfect match for her.

Porsche and Leonard have weathered many storms, separations, and dramas. In “Cum For Bigfoot 14”, there will be even greater challenges that threaten the health and safety of the tribe. This family won’t let the outside world affect them. They will fight for what is theirs and protect their own. Hell hath no fury like an angry Sasquatch.

Cum For Bigfoot 15

The love… the sex… and the endearing characters of Virginia Wade’s naughty Bigfoot saga set out for another adventure.

In “Cum For Bigfoot 15”, Porsche’s about to give birth again, and what happens next is a shocker! After rejoining the tribe, the clan is on the move, but first, someone from the past emerges for a surprise reunion. The gang sets out for fertile hunting grounds, encountering a rival tribe. Porsche develops feelings for a hunky Bigfoot leader, which threatens her relationship with Leonard.